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KAP was founded by Venant Wong and is an embodied energy practice, meaning that the energy can flow throughout the energy system. Both the upper and lower energy centers are reached.

A transmission that does not reach the lower chakras can lead to confusion, as participants often have an otherworldly experience but then return to a life where nothing has changed. The person can go “up and out” but is not grounded.

In order to create change and to take the inner experiences with you into this world, you need the connection above and below.

Venant’s embodiment practices are one of the reasons kap is so powerful. He has a background in Tae Kwon Do, dance and has been on a raw vegan diet since 2007, among other spiritual embodiment teachings.

This embodiment and grounded transmission style is what Venant passes on to the kap facilitators to facilitate a safe and powerful transmission. This is one of the reasons why he chooses his students very carefully.

I recommend that you refrain from eating or only eat light food about 2-3 hours before kap.

Please come in comfortable and warm clothing so that you don’t get cold during the session.

Also, please bring your own mat and plenty to water. If you don’t have your own mat, please let me know and we’ll find a solution for you.

The online courses are not very different from the face-to-face courses. Some people are better at relaxing and receiving energy in a group, while others are more comfortable at home.

This can affect the intensity felt in a session. Some people find the energy online to be a little milder, while others find it just as powerful.

Beginners may need a few more virtual sessions to activate than they would in person.


Yes! Whether you have experience or not, it is always best to come to a kap session with a beginner’s mind.

Because if you are receptive to the energy, it has nothing to do with experience. kap is a transmission and not an exercise.

All you have to do is relax and have an open mind. It’s about feeling, not knowing.

There is a whole range of things that can happen after a KAP class, from the first to the last signs of kundalini awakening. KAP is an energy lineage that contains a broad spectrum of frequencies conducive to higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth in addition to the traditional kundalini signs. This process releases energetic blockages and connects you to your higher self, which is different for every person.

KAP is not a substitute for medical or psychological care, examination, diagnosis or treatment!

This process is primarily for spiritual growth and deepening of consciousness. However, many course participants report physical healing after just one or a few sessions. Of course, this is not a guarantee and it is not the main purpose of KAP.

Participation in a session is subject to the condition that you are not in a state that prevents it from receiving the energy. These include in particular.

  • Alcohol or narcotic intoxication
  • Taking psychoactive drugs
  • Epilepsy and, at my discretion, possibly other clinical pictures
  • psychiatric disorders such as psychosis, mania or delusions. This does not apply to depressive illnesses
  • a hygienic condition of the person concerned that is unacceptable
  • a state of mind or maturity that precludes effective consent to the kap process

If you are pregnant and in your third trimester, you should wait until birth to reveive transmissions.

Before the third trimester (up to 28 weeks), you can participate as long as you feel well and can easily participate in activities such as gymnastics or yoga.

Please inform me about your pregnancy before the session. It is your responsibility to know your individual doctor-recommended limitations and which positions are to be avoided for you.

Yes. Many course participants report that KAP has helped them with their anxiety and depression.

When reading about Kundalini awakening, you inevitably stumble across reports of physical and psychological problems as a result of the energy ascension. These are unprepared, i.e. spontaneous Kundalini awakenings. Our nervous system is designed to hold energy and it wants to flow freely and unhindered through the body. Expanding one’s cognition remains a social taboo, yet cultures around the world have used hallucinogenic plants and sacred ceremonies to expand their cognition since the dawn of time.

KAP is a purification process. In addition to the feelings experienced as pleasant, suppressed and difficult feelings can also come to the surface. However, these do not necessarily have to be perceived as unpleasant, because unlike a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, we prepare ourselves for the Kundalini activation before the session.

A safe space is created, the setting of which supports you. Your facilitator is trained and can help move the energy when it exceeds your capacity. Just as a woman prepares for labor, preparation for these experiences is critical. Always trust the voice of your intuition – it will tell you whether KAP (at this moment) wants to be experienced by you or not.