Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. these contractual conditions apply to all services offered by me. The offer includes private sessions, group sessions as well as semi-private group sessions in the practice of the “Kundalini Activation Process” (KAP).

2. The contract is concluded by your booking through my booking system.

3. a service in the field of energy work is offered. A certain success is not owed and can not be promised, because it may depend on factors and circumstances that are beyond my control.

4. the Kundalini Activation Process goes with light physical touches of the participant. They can also cause various physical and/or mental reactions, which are difficult to predict, and are usually perceived as pleasant or positive. However, since it can also come to sensations that are evaluated as rather unpleasant (such as contact with the repressed, unconscious or traumas), the participants declare their consent to this already at the conclusion of the contract. Please refer to my separate information sheet, in which I describe possible experiences and consequences in more detail.

5. As a rule, children and adolescents cannot take advantage of my offer. This can be deviated in individual cases with sufficient maturity of mind and inner stability, as well as a written consent of a parent or guardian.

6. My prices for individual and group sessions are based on my current price list, which is part of our agreement together with these terms and conditions. Group sessions can be offered from a group size of 9 persons and up to a number of participants of 20 persons. In exceptional cases, deviations from this are possible. Semi-private group sessions are offered for a group size between 3 and 8 participants.

7. with the conclusion of the contract you make a payment of 100% of the respective session price. This also applies to the payment on site. This payment serves both to fix the agreed meeting date and to compensate for the effort of the respective meeting preparation. It is only refundable if either

you cancel the appointment at least 2 working days before the date of the respective session, or if the agreed appointment is cancelled later due to circumstances for which you are demonstrably not responsible, or
I have to cancel the appointment due to reasons for which I am responsible.

In the event of a cancellation of the appointment by you due to circumstances for which you are not responsible, you have the right to arrange a replacement appointment at my discretion. In the event that such an appointment is arranged, there is no right to a refund of the payment made. In case of a cancellation by me, an alternative date will be agreed upon, which has to take place at the earliest possible time.

8. If the payment method is payment on the site, the payment of the fee will be made immediately before the implementation of each session.

9. the participation in a session is subject to the proviso that you are not in a condition that prevents the implementation of the same. This includes in particular

  • Alcohol or narcotic intoxication, the use of psychoactive drugs
  • epilepsy and at my discretion, if necessary, other clinical pictures, psychiatric diseases such as psychoses, manias or delusions. This does not include depressive illnesses
  • a hygienic condition of the person concerned that is unacceptable to me or other participants
  • a state of mind or maturity which prevents effective consent to the KAP process.
  • Pregnancy of a participant from the 28th week of pregnancy.

The same applies if you behave in a way that makes the responsible conduct of the session appear unsafe or harasses me or other participants*.

10. As already described under point 3, there can be undesirable physical, mental or emotional effects during or through a session. These are inherent in the KAP method and cannot be foreseen in advance, nor can they be avoided by me. No liability is assumed for the occurrence or consequences of such events. Consent to participate in a session includes consent to such consequences.

11. I do not assume liability for objects brought to a session or clothing or jewelry on the body only in the case of intentional damage.

12. You grant me a free right of use, reproduction and publication of photographs taken during a session, unlimited in terms of content, space and time. These will never be made without your prior consent and may also be published beyond a purpose permitted under Article 6(1)(f) EU-DSGVO for the purpose of external presentation on my website, my social media appearances (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or on advertising banners. This right does not include a commercial distribution. For this, a separate consent would be obtained from you. This granting of rights can be revoked at any time (Art. 7 para. 3 EU-DSGVO). Hereafter, I may no longer continue the processing of the respective photos collected and / or used by us. 13.

13. The provisions of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch) as amended from time to time shall apply in addition, unless they conflict with these Terms and Conditions.