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special 90 minutes KAP hamburg – with Nina & Lina

Be there when Nina and Lina merge and hold the energy together. When 3 facilitators hold the space together, a deep and powerful field is created and this is your unique opportunity to be there!

An open class is a fantastic way to get to know kap and start your inner journey – experience the energy together with up to 20 people and realize that you are connected to everyone. Perfect for beginners or to continue your process on a regular basis.

In a KAP ceremony, we first take time to arrive and tune in. A demonstration is followed by 60 minutes of transmission. To ground and integrate we create space for sharing in the end.

  • I recommend that you abstain from food or eat only light food about 2-3 hours before KAP
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the temperature so you don’t get cold or overheated during the session
  • There are yoga mats on site


with love



21 Jan 2023


15:00 - 18:00


85.00 €
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